LAMI to Put Forward the Whole Swarm of Products in Southeast Asia

LAMI’s juice is remixed for the preference of the Southeast Asian market. As LAMI’s strategic target market, Southeast Asia will usher in the full spectrum of its products

On October 20, IECIE Vape Show had its opening at the JI Expo, Jakarta. The exhibition covers an area of 12,000 square meters with expected attendance from 100+ exhibitors and 10,000+ visitors.

LAMI has green and black as the main visual, and the product design continues with Chinese-style elements. It is understood that most of LAMI’s vape juice flavors at this exhibition are especially reformulated for the Southeast Asian market, with a slightly heavier, sweeter, and cooler taste. On-site staff said LAMI will take the Southeast Asian market as an important strategic market, so more categories will be exhibited at the show – large and small capacity pod systems, large and small capacity disposables, and refillable products all on display. LAMI will fully roll out its products in Indonesia and follow up with product sales and promotion plans based on market feedback.