Foreigners in S. Tangerang Mostly Chinese, Korean: Immigration Office

, Jakarta – Head of the Tangerang Class I Non-TPI immigration office Felucia Sengky Ratna said that South Tangerang City is officially the area in Tangerang Raya with the most number of foreign settlers.

The immigration office cited a report stating that the top three foreign settlers are consecutively the Chinese, Koreans, and Indians. 

“The overall data shows there are 5,000 foreign nationals in all of Tangerang Raya,” said Felucia Sengky Ratna on March 25, 2021. 

Ratna explained that the record ranks South Tangerang City as the highest region in Tangerang Raya that houses foreign nationals with limited stay permits (Kitas). 

“It’s pretty high in South Tangerang and dominated by foreign nationals from China, Korea, and India. But it is mostly China and Korea,” said the head of immigration. 

However, the office revealed that most of these foreign nationals live in Tangerang but work in Jakarta. South Tangerang Mayor Airin Rachmi Diany said the local government will always closely monitor these foreign nationals through a team of observers that will ensure the foreigners’ legal compliance in Indonesia.