Kadin: Thousands of Companies Register for Private Vaccination

, Jakarta The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) announced that there are 17,387 companies that have registered for the private vaccination program called the ‘gotong-royong’ vaccination. 

Kadin chairperson Rosan P. Roeslani said that the number of applicants grew since the first phase of registration was opened.

“Up until the closure of the second batch, there are at least 17,387 applicants with a total number of vaccinations for 8,665,363 people,” said Rosan P. Roeslani in a written statement on March 25, 2021.

Kadin stated that there are 981 companies in the labor-intensive industrial sector or manufacturing sector. They had registered their workers and the families of the workers that amount to dozens of thousands 

Other sectors include trade, export/import, and retails (4,882); construction and infrastructure (1,119); and the services sector (1,403). Kadin explained that this data will likely continue to grow as there are many more companies that have shown interest in registering their workers in the private vaccination program.