Police Build Team to Investigate Data Leak of 279 mn Indonesians

, Jakarta – The Police chief of cyber crime unit Brig. Gen Slamet Uliandi created a team to investigate the alleged data leak of 279 million of Indonesian people. The data of members of state healthcare insurance BPJS Kesehatan was allegedly sold on hacker forum dubbed the Raid Forums.

“The team regarding data leak has been created, which is supported by Jakarta Metro Police and Forensic Lab,” Slamet said in a text message on Saturday, May 22.

The data of 279 million of Indonesian citizens was allegedly leaked and sold on raidsforum.com. The data includes citizenship number, ID card (KTP), phonenumber, email, name, address, up to salary.

The data was sold by the forum user under the account ‘Kotz’. The data of people who were deceased was also traded by the user.

“There are one million data samples for the trial. The total is 279 million, with 20 million data have personal pictures,” he said on May 12.

As the first step, the police, according to Slamet, have summoned BPJS Kesehatan CEO Ali Ghufron Mukti for a questioning on Monday, May 24.